Thursday, July 03, 2014

ILL/Renew Username & Password

Our library catalog is going through a systems update and something went amiss. Your Saint Mary's username and password WILL NOT WORK to get you logged in.

Try logging in with your 14-digit ID card barcode number as the username and your last name as the password. It should let you in for the time being. Sorry about the confusion - we're working with our vendor to figure out what's happening. Apparently even the library catalog is on vacation for the long weekend.

Speaking of, have a good one!!

P.S. Don't know what your 14-digit barcode number is? Take your 8-digit student ID number (which you can find in WebTools) and add 235000 in front of it. Voila - library barcode!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

July 2014 New Books

Everyone knows that July is a great time for picnics and swimming, but did you know it is also the best time for reading?  Those long days and warm nights are perfect for pulling out a book (or two, or three) and catching up with that long-awaited novel or research study.  With that in mind, check out the Twin Cities Library's list of new books for this month!  There something for everyone, no matter what your interests are.

Aldridge, David

Aten, Jamie D.

Boateng, Boatema

Broughton, Vanda

Browning, Scott

Cashwell, Craig S.

The Embedded Librarian's Cookbook
Calkins, Kaijsa

Danes, Claire

Darling-Hammond, Linda

Ellis, Thomas M.

Gubrium, Jaber F.

Incayawar, Mario

Jorgensen, Cheryl

Lowry, Richard

Moustakas, Clark

Robinson, Daniel N.

Silverstein, Jeffrey

Stagner, Ross

Wachtel, Paul L.

Yusuf, Ahmed Ismail