Saturday, January 24, 2015

"Request a Copy" link AWOL

You may have noticed that when you try to request an article from a different library, occasionally the link letting you do so doesn't show up. (See image below).

That's annoying, huh. Please share your pain with us by letting us know. If you need the full text of a specific article, email us the citation at, and we will request the article for you through interlibrary loan. You'll get it in 1-2 business days.

Or, if you would like your article even faster, you can request it yourself using our article request form. Or, learn more about requesting articles.

We apologize for this inconvenience. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Monday, January 05, 2015

January 2015 New Books

Happy New Year from the Twin Cities Library!  In honor of a brand new year and a brand new month, we decided to celebrate with some brand new books, including some shiny new titles as well as some old favorites.

If you need some help with your New Years' resolution, swing by the library and take a look at our collection of books on mentorship, coaching, and self-improvement.  Several of our best materials are on display in the library to celebrate National Mentoring Month, and librarians are always happy to help you find any additional resources you need!

Successful Families: Assessment and Intervention
Beaver, Robert W.

Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design: Choosing Among Five Approaches
Creswell, John W.

Sexuality: A Biopsychosocial Approach
Denman, Chess

The African Diaspora in the United States and Canada at the Dawn of the 21st Century
Frazier, John W.

But Some of Us Are Brave: All the Women Are White, All the Blacks Are Men: Black Women's Studies
Hull, Gloria T.

Phenomenological Research Methods
Moustakas, Clark

African Ethics: An Anthology of Comparative and Applied Ethics
Murove, Munyaradzi Felix

The Bedford Researcher
Palmquist, Mike

Evaluating and Treating Families: The McMaster Approach
Ryan, Christine E.

The Resilient Practitioner: Burnout Prevention and Self-Care Strategies for Counselors, Therapists, Teachers, and Health Professionals
Skovholt, Thomas M.

Immigrant and Native Black College Students: Social Experiences and Academic Outcomes
Thomas, Audrey A.

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma
Van der Kolk, Bessel