Thursday, August 17, 2006

Invitation from the Library

All staff and faculty are invited to drop by the library for a quick demonstration of our latest tool - Find it. You do not have to set an appointment. Just stop in and a library staff member will show you how this tool makes it very easy for users to find electronic journals in our collection. I also want to take this time to thank some people who made this project possible. Linka Holey supported the acquisition of this tool; she was on board from the very beginning. Without Lee Amenenya, I would not have been able to fully implement this new resource. He provided critical technology support and made it possible for the tool to be available for use before the start of fall semester. Alex Thomas-Thomas-puffe, with her wonderful skills, designed images and buttons so that we could customize the tool. Ruth Ann Schwartz, Lauren Leighton, and Rachel Mcgee gave feedback about the new tool and continue to test it out for the Twin Cities and Winona libraries. Thank you! -Gretchen Pyle

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