Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Database Trials

The library has set up two database trials. Students, faculty, and staff are free to use the databases for the duration of the trial. Please provide any feedback you may have about the databases to tc-library@smumn.edu We appreciate anything you want to share about the databases because it will help us make a decision about whether or not to subscribe to the databases. Below you will find login information for the two trials. 1. ProQuest Digital Dissertations Go to: http://trials.proquest.com/ptc?userid=1704971 The password is smumn This trial runs through October 26. 2. Mental Measurements Yearbook online We set up a trial to this database through EBSCO. Just log in to EBSCO and scroll down to the bottom of the menu of databases. Mental Measurements Yearbook is the last one listed. Or click here to link directly to MMY. This trial runs through November 1.

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