Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Library Tip: Job Searching

Looking for a job? Try our CareerWiki. (To view the wiki, click here or see the image below that shows you where the wiki is located on our library home page.)

The Twin Cities Campus Library has put together an online wiki, called the Saint Mary's University Career Guide, to help Saint Mary's students with job searching. Students and employees of Saint Mary's University can add links to jobs, career help, resume help, and anything else that will assist our students in finding and gaining employment.

Included in the wiki are resume tips and help, interviewing tips, multiple local job websites and postings, and cost of living/salary tools.

Because this is an open-access online tool, YOU can add your own tips, comments, interview or resume suggestions, and more. Meet other members of the site, invite your friends or classmates to join, and search for and view other wikis related to your field of study.

Take a look around the site—you may find some very helpful information, and perhaps the key to your next job!

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