Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Library Tip: RSS, wikis & more!

Confused by 21st Century technology vocabulary, like wiki, blogs, or rss feed? There is an excellent free educational web site to bring you up to speed on new technology, called Common Craft. Common Craft offers short, informative and entertaining videos that, to quote from their web site, focus on “making complex ideas easy to understand. We use a whiteboard-and-paper format we call Paperworks that is designed to cut out the noise and stick to what matters.” Each video only lasts a few minutes, but you’ll walk (or click?) away with a greater understanding of the technology swirling around you.

For a sample of how excellent this resource is, follow this link to watch “Wikis in Plain English” on Common Craft’s web site: http://www.commoncraft.com/video-wikis-plain-english

To view the complete list of free educational videos, visit: http://www.commoncraft.com/shows/video

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