Saturday, August 09, 2008

Library Tip: Library Catalog Searching Tricks

Listed below are a couple of hints that will make your search for the perfect book or video a breeze.
  • Ever find the perfect book, head towards the shelf, not find it, check back on the computer screen, and discover the book is actually on our Winona campus? Arg! That is because the catalog searches both the Twin Cities and Winona campus libraries as a default. See below.
  • Thus, to search ONLY the Twin Cities Campus physical library: Change the “library to search” box on the main page to “Twin Cities Campus Library – All.”
  • To search ONLY videos and dvds available on the Twin Cities Campus library: In the “library to search” box, look under Twin Cities Campus Library –All, and select“–Videos and DVDs”
  • To search almost 30 Minnesota higher education institutions’ library catalogs: Change the “library to search” box on the main page to “All MnPALS Libraries (MnSCU, Colleges, Gov’t).” You’ll need to order these books/videos through Interlibrary Loan.

Click here to read more about using our library catalog, and pick up more searching hints to make accessing the information you need a painless process.

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