Friday, February 05, 2010

Text a Librarian!

Text a Librarian!

TC Library is guilty of texting in class, too! You can now text us and the librarian on the reference desk will text back a response to your question. We’ll keep our answers 140 characters short, don’t worry!

How to text us:

  1. Address your text message to 246246
  2. Start off the body of the message with send smutclibrary
  3. Add your question/message

We’re able to provide this service to you using AOL's Mobile AIM Service. This service should work with most major cell carriers, but if you try it and do not receive a response from us, please try a different method of contacting us.

Also, remember that depending in your cell plan, sending and receiving text messages can cost money. The library is not responsible for these charges.

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