Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mobile Website Survey

qrcodeThis happens to me All. The. Time. I wake up at 2am thinking "what are TC Library’s hours on Thursday?" If only I was able to check their hours on my smartphone and go back to bed…but I cannot so I spend hours lying awake pondering the hours of operation. My cat hates it.
For this reason alone, TC Library is developing a mobile website. OK, actually, mobile computing puts learning into the hands of students, anytime, anywhere. Mobile content is convenient, proactive, and available at the user’s point of need. Higher education via mobile is the future.
In order to meet your needs and wants, please take this brief survey asking what you would like to see and do on TC Library’s mobile website. TAKE THE SURVEY HERE! Heck, you can even take it on your phone if you scan the QR code.

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