Thursday, January 05, 2012

In Memoriam

After a brief but courageous battle with the bird flu, W. T. (Wiggle Tail) l'Orange, the Twin Cities Library mascot, passed away during the winter holidays.

W. T. graced us with his presence for almost three years. He held court next to the reference desk and was always ready to lend a helping fin when the library was busy. W. T. l'Orange was a great proponent of Lasallifin education and worked diligently to further the mission of Saint Mary's and the Twin Cities Campus Library. He will be greatly missed.

Enjoy our memorial photo montage of our dear beta.

When we first got W. T., we had a Mascot Naming contest. Here he is encouraging people to vote for his name.

Mascot Naming contest continued. Here he is getting excited about announcing his new name.
One of W. T.'s first photo shoots. He was a bit shy with the camera at first, but he warmed up to the limelight right away.
Here W. T. is checking his reflection before greeting students on the first day of the semester.
W. T. is checking the other side of his reflection.

In this photo, W. T. looks like Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars.
Education was very important to W. T. l'Orange. He was also fluent in Spanish, due to Dora the Explorer.
W. T. l'Orange often assisted us with Library website updates. He was our chief programmer and taught Rachel most of which she knows.

Our mascot was always fun at a summertime BBQ. He'd often do the grilling for us. Salmon was his signature dish.
In addition to being a researcher, W. T. was a produce inspector for the USDA.

W. T. l'Orange was thought to be from Canada--Quebec to be more exact. Here he is on a recent vacation to his home.

W. T. l'Orange--the most interesting fish in the world.

W. T. often led scuba diving exhibitions in Cozumel, Mexico.

This is the last picture we have of W. T. l'Orange.

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