Saturday, May 05, 2012

May 2012 New Books

Yes, you may see a list of our new books!
Since May just started and our purchasing power has yet to reach full steam, here is an abbreviated list of our new books...5 of them....cinco de Mayo, perhaps?
And even better, there is a wacky-waving-arm-flailing-inflatable-tube-calendar to the right. Could this post get any better? Maybe, some with more puns?
  1. The psychology of selling : how to sell more, easier, and faster than you ever thought possible. / Brian Tracy. 2004.
  2. The nature of leadership. / Antonakis. 2012.
  3. The origins of political order : from prehuman times to the French Revolution / Francis Fukuyama. 2011.
  4. Embodied enquiry : phenomenological touchstones for research, psychotherapy and spirituality. / Todres. 2011.
  5. Handbook of intercultural training. / Bennett, Janet Marie; Bennett, Milton J.; Landis, Dan. / 2004.

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