Thursday, August 08, 2013

Using Search Alerts with SuperSearch

Save yourself time by setting up a search alert in SuperSearch. Search alerts automatically notify you each time a new article, book, or report is published that matches your search criteria. You can also be notified every time a new issue for a selected journal title is available.

How to set up an alert:
  1. Perform a search. A super search, if you will.
  2. Stare at the results page. 
  3. Select "Share" in the medium-upper right.
  4. Select either "Email Alert" or "RSS Feed" (you can be alerted by email or add your alert to your favorite RSS reader).
  5. Create the alert using the form that pops up (image #2 below).
  6. Select Save.
Select the images for a visual explanation.

Speaking from experience, the humble search alert is the ultimate tool for the professional who needs or wants to keep up-to-date on a specific topic, but is too lazy to go into a database and do a search every once and a while. 
Also speaking from experience, in Internet-nerd speak this translates to:
1. Perform search.
2. Set up search alert.
3. Profit.

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