Tuesday, March 01, 2016

March 2016 New Books

A change of seasons is just around the corner, and Twin Cities Library has all the books you need to get in the swing of spring! This month, our new books include many titles on conducting and analyzing research, as well as resources on productivity, culture, and more!

Spatial analysis, GIS, and remote sensing applications in the health sciences
Albert, D.

DSM-V clinical cases
Barnhill, J.

The new manhood: The handbook for a new kind of man
Biddulph, S.

Media & culture: Mass communication in a digital age
Campbell, R.

Reliability and validity assessment
Carmines, E.

Notorious RBG: The life and times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Carmon, I.

Marketing research: Methodological foundations
Churchill, G.

Heart of change field guide
Cohen, D.

A practice of anesthesia for infants and children
Cote, C.

The handbook of conflict resolution: Theory and practice
Deustch, M.

Multiattribute evaluation
Edwards, W.

Survey kit, volumes 1 - 9
Fink, A.

SAGE handbook of mentoring and coaching in education
Fletcher, S.

The Wiley handbook of art therapy
Gussak, D.

Tests of significance
Henkel, R.

Analysis of ordinal data
Hildebrand, D.

Academic freedom in the age of the college
Hofstadter, R.

Forensic accounting
Hopwood, W.

Analysis of variance
Iversen, G.

Using published data: Errors and remedies
Jacob, H.

Factor analysis: Statistical methods and practical issues
Kim, J.

Introduction to factor analysis: What it is and how to do it
Kim, J.

The missionary and the diviner
Kirwen, M.

Discriminant analysis
Klecka, W.

Multidimensional scaling
Kruskal, J.

Canonical analysis and factor comparison
Levine, M.

Magnitude scaling, quantitative measurement of opinions
Lodge, M.

Confirmatory factor analysis: A preface to LISREL
Long, S.

Making sense of adult learning
MacKeracher, D.

Analyzing panel data
Markus, G.

Breakpoint: The changing marketplace for higher education
McGee, J.

Transactions and strategies: Economics for management
Michaels, R.

Time series analysis: Regression techniques
Ostrom, C.

Ethics in psychotherapy and counseling: A practical guide
Pope, K.

Analysis of nominal data
Reynolds, H.

My years with General Motors
Sloan, A.

Research designs
Spector, P.

Multiple indicators: An introduction
Sullivan, J.

Personal productivity secrets: Do what you never thought possible with your time
Thomas, M.

Presenting to win: The art of telling your story
Weissman, J.

Analysis of covariance
Wildt, A.

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