Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Twin Cities Library Toolbar

Download the Twin Cities Library toolbar to your personal computer, and you will have immediate access to the most used SMU resources (SMU Gmail, Webtools, Blackboard, library databases, etc.). This toolbar will save you time - no need to go to the SMU or Twin Cities Library websites - your useful links are now embedded into your Internet browser (e.g., Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari)!

Download Toolbar

Select the link above to download our toolbar. You'll be prompted to download and install the toolbar. Contact Twin Cities Library if you have any questions about installation, or difficulty accessing the toolbar.

Read this before you download the toolbar:
As you're adding the toolbar to your favorite internet browser, make sure you read the download prompts carefully. The toolbar defaults are to change your current browser settings, which we all agree is annoying.
Be sure to uncheck any options you do not want to add. (See the image below). If you accidentally install a feature you don't want, contact a Twin Cities librarian and we'll help you remove it. :-)

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