Thursday, December 19, 2013

Top Tens of 2013: Amusing Library Statistics

Twin Cities Library likes to reflect upon the past year by finding data like Weirdest Search Terms that Led You to Us. Enjoy.

Below are a selection of our favorite tongue-in-cheek and more useful statistics, courtesy of Google Analytics and our library system Aleph.

2013 Top Ten Weirdest (or Awesomely Misspelled) Search Terms that Landed Someone on our Website
  1. help
  2. centralize sticky notes
  3. kualitative and kuantitative research
  4. laptop chairs in mn
  5. quntitative research
  6. smumn blackbiarf  (I like to imagine this is a type of disease that causes retching)
  7. "controlled vocabulary" city of  (oooh I'd move there in a heartbeat!)
  8. ebsco sorry this ebook is in use
  9. blind date with a book umn
2013 Top Ten Countries with Visitors to our Website (Besides the US)
  1. United Kingdom
  2. India
  3. Philippines
  4. Pakistan
  5. Malaysia
  6. Canada
  7. Jamaica (Saint Mary's University has a partnership with the Catholic College of Mandeville located in Jamaica)
  8. Kenya (Saint Mary's University's Christ the Teacher Institute for Education and Maryknoll Institute of African Studies are located in Nairobi, Kenya)
  9. Australia
  10. South Africa
2013 Top 13 Most Checked Out Titles
In 2013 we acquired 676 new items - and those are only physical items like books, DVDs, dissertations, and assessment tests. We brought you thousands of new items if you count the journal articles we got access to!
  1. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders: DSM-5. THE BIG WINNER with 9 loans (a lot, considering our loan period is 60 days). The APA came out with the much anticipated  fifth edition of their seminal, and sometimes controversial, manual.
  2. Business law and the legal environment (8)
  3. The child psychotherapy treatment planner (7)
  4. Three approaches to psychotherapy, Strupp - DVD (7)
  5. Three approaches to psychotherapy, Meichenbaum - DVD (6)
  6. The complete adult psychotherapy treatment planner (6)
  7. Developmental psychopathology: From infancy through adolescence (5)
  8. Transformational leadership styles of laboratory medical directors - dissertation (4)
  9. Lean in: Women, work, and the will to lead
  10. The nearly departed: Minnesota ghost stories and legends
  11. BIA, Beck Anxiety Manual - assessment test (4)
  12. The mind traveller, Oliver Sacks - DVD (4)
  13. Factors contributing to the exits from the superintendency in Minnesota - dissertation (4)
2013 Top Ten Mobile Devices Used to Access our Website
Mobile isn't king though - the traditional desktop computer still is. 92% of you accessed our website using a desktop computer. 4.4% accessed us from a phone, and 3.6% access us from a tablet. It'll be interesting to see if these numbers shift in the future. Check back in a year!
  1. Apple iPad
  2. Apple iPhone
  3. Apple iPod
  4. T-Mobile G2 Touch HTC Sapphire
  5. Samsung Galaxy SIII
  6. Samsung Galaxy SII
  7. Motorola Droid Razr 4G
  8. Samsung Galaxy S IV
  9. Google Nexus 10
  10. Opera Mini for S60

Remember the days before SuperSearch? We don't like to think about that dark period, either. SuperSearch launched on May 11, 2013, and changed the way you (and we) do academic research. In early September we began keep statistics on SuperSearch, some of which are Top Ten worthy.

2013 Top Ten Search Terms/Phrases Used in SuperSearch
  1. Search articles, books, and more all at once....  The big winner with 702 searches!! (This is the generic filler text in the SuperSearch box...y'all must be hitting search first! I do that, too.)
  2. autism
  3. dogs (LOL, this is the text Rachel always types in when she needs to test something or do a sample search. HER favorite term showed up in the top ten, the rest of ours didn't. Hmph.)
  4. strong interest inventory
  5. autism and education
  6. MBTI
  7. stroke
  8. ACOs (affordable care organizations)
  9. apa
  10. leadership

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