Monday, December 12, 2011

Top Tens of 2011: Top Ten Busiest Days of 2011

Top Tens of 2011: Top Ten Busiest Days of 2011
Did you know that every time someone walks through the doors of TC Library we make note of that? Well, we do as long as our heads aren't buried helping people at the computers or answering a question over chat or email. So while our methods are perhaps a little inaccurate depending on how much multitasking we're doing on the desk, we do try to keep track of library space usage. In other words, we totally spy on you!

This top ten list is useful for those students and faculty who need to see and be seen, be en vogue, if you will, on the most popular days in the library.
  1. Thurs., June 23rd. Art on Park opening this day.
  2. Weds., Feb. 2nd. 
  3. Tues., Jan. 25th.
  4. Weds., June 29th. This is amazing, because we were closed for two hours at night. In case you care.
  5. Weds., June 8th. 
  6. Tues., July 12th. 
  7. Thurs., Oct. 13th.
  8. Tues., July 5th.  Interesting. Raring to go after an low key 4th of July weekend, I suppose.
  9. Tues., Jan. 11th.
  10. exciting 3 way tie!
    Weds,. June 1.
    Thurs., Mar. 3rd
    Mon., Jan. 10 First say of the semester.
Well, wasn't that a fun list?

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