Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Top Tens of 2011: Top Ten Fish Mascot Pictures

2011 Top Tens: Top Ten Fish Mascot Pictures

You might think this Fish Photography post is a little tongue in cheek, but little did you know how busy the library's beta fish has been in 2011. From updating our website to wearing a pink backpack, this little guy did his fair share of work!

Our mascot is named W. T. l'Orange, by the way. Stands for Wiggle Tail. He's French.

There was a slight misunderstanding when we had a BBQ this summer. Our Mascot was not to be on the menu.
Time To Go To School Fish!
This was Get Out the Vote Fish. No one knows what that phrase actually means.
This is Potassium Awareness Fish. Semper Potassiumus.
I know this looks horrific, even cannibalistic, but W.T. was just doing a photoshoot for Cabella's. He didn't actually go fishing for his cousins.
W.T. went for a boat ride with Frosty the Snowman. It was alright.
Here is the Fish ringing in the 2011 New Year. In reality it was dark in here, since the library was closed over break, but whatever.
For Halloween 2011, W. T. dressed as a fish in a hat.
We constantly are updating content on our website. The Fish helps out where he can.
I've run out of clever things to write. If you're still reading this far down, I commend your dedication to our beta fish. Perhaps you would like to clean his bowl?

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