Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Citation Generators: Academic Databases, Google Scholar, and More

Writing APA citations from scratch can be time consuming and it is totally unnecessary!!! The following Twin Cities Library databases offer premade APA citations that can be saved or copied and pasted into your reference list.

Please note: These computer-generated citations are not perfect! You still need to know how to properly format an APA citation - the databases sometimes get the formatting wrong.
  • SuperSearch
  • eBooks
    • Tutorial Formats: PDF
  • Google Scholar
    • On the Google Scholar results page, citations can be found under the title of each article by selecting the link Cite.
  • EBSCO databases (MegaFILE, PsycINFO, ERIC, Academic Search Premier)
    • Tutorial Formats: Web
  • ProQuest databases (Psychology, Education, Newspapers)
    • Tutorial Formats: Web
  • ScienceDirect
    • Tutorial Formats: Web
  • Emerald
  • Assessment Test Reviews (PY and MFT students)
    • Tutorial Formats: PDF
Popular SMU databases that do not offer premade citations include PubMed and Sage Collections.

There are several free citation generators and bibliography-building tools available to academics. TC Library does not offer tutorials or support for these tools, but feel free to learn them on your own.
  • Zotero
    • Zotero is an open source tool that works in the Firefox browser (or as a plug-in in MS Word) to help you collect, manage and cite sources.
  • Mendeley
    • Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research.
  • Citavi
    • Let's you create a reference list of up to 100 sources.
  • MS Word 
    • Create a reference page within a Microsoft Word document using the References tab. 

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