Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top 10 Ways to Save Time Researching in 2013

An excellent New Year's resolution for a busy graduate student or researcher is to spend a little time learning how to save a LOT of time when conducting academic research.

TC Librarians compiled a list of our top ten tips to help you cut down on the amount of time you spend, basically, doing your homework. Each of the below links takes you to a succinct library video tutorial, webpage, or blog post that suggests ways to more efficiently and effectively conduct part of the research process.
  1. Understanding Instructor Expectations
  2. TC Library Toolbar
  3. Create a Research Plan
  4. Develop a Good Research Question
  5. Don't Search Blindly - Use a Subject Page
  6. How to Find and Get Articles in Academic Databases
  7. Plan Ahead - Allow Time for Interlibrary Loans
  8. How to Read a Peer-Reviewed Article
  9. Writing Center's APA Templates (for MS Word)
  10. APA Citation Generators
Want to learn more? Contact a librarian for more individualized help.

(That's the #11 time-saving tip - don't wait to ask a librarian your question! We can help you quickly get from Point A to Point B - the right way, the first time.)

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